Emsworth-Basingstoke Relay maps for 2015

A couple of years ago, I put the 2013 Emsworth-Basingstoke Relay maps on Mapometer.com. I like Mapometer.com because it makes editing routes easy and does a neat ascent/descent graph, which is great for understanding how gnarly each leg is (and the numbers seems to be more accurate than the claims on the official maps).

Athough I missed the 2013 edition with sickness, we had a great time at the 2014 Emsworth-Basingstoke Relay and I’m looking forward to this year’s. The route has changed a few times over the years, and for 2015 the organizers have tweaked the leg 8-9 changeover point to avoid the Steep village fete. They’ve updated the Emsworth-Basingstoke maps page and I’ve redone the Mapometer.com maps for the two affected legs.

I’ve often tried to use Google Streetview to recce the routes virtually… but it’s difficult with so much of the run offroad. However, I’ve just found that someone posted Youtube videos from a head-mounted camera in the build up to last year’s race, but they’re not linked from the Emsworth website, so I’ve added them below too.

Leg Mapometer.com Distance Ascent Video
Leg 1 Emsworth to Warblington Church 2.5 km 16 m
Leg 2 Warblington Church to West Leigh 4.6 km 35 m
Leg 3 West Leigh to Rowlands Castle 2.9 km 20 m
Leg 4 Rowlands Castle to Finchdean 2.7 km 49 m
Leg 5 Finchdean to Chalton 3.4 km 91 m
Leg 6 Chalton to Buriton 4.8 km 148 m
Leg 7 Buriton to Petersfield 3.1 km 20 m
Leg 8 Petersfield to Cockshott Ln (new for 2015) 6.3 km 189 m *
Leg 9 Cockshott Ln to Hawkley (new for 2015) 3.5 km 88 m *
Leg 10 Hawkley to Vann Farm 2.8 km 70 m
Leg 11 Vann Farm to Selborne 4.7 km 123 m
Leg 12 Selborne to East Worldham 6.3 km 138 m
Leg 13 East Worldham to Holybourne 4.1 km 24 m
Leg 14 Holybourne to Shalden 5.1 km 132 m
Leg 15 Shalden to Lasham 2.2 km 39 m
Leg 16 Lasham to Herriard 3.6 km 55 m
Leg 17 Herriard to Ellisfield 4.1 km 53 m
Leg 18 Ellisfield to Cliddesden 5.4 km 54 m
Total 72.1 km 1344 m

*These are videos of the 2014 routes! I’ll update these links if someone videos the 2015 ones.

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