Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon 2012

First race of 2012 was a duathlon. And so’s the last one.

Result: 21st/140 overall
(R1+T1: 12th, C+T2: 30th, R2: 20th)
Date: Sunday 21 October 2012
5km run, 30km bike, 5km run (closed circuit!)
Race website: Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon 2012
Full results:
Photos: Online soon?

To be honest, my overwhelming feeling at the finish line today was relief. Four races in three weeks (the team tri, the long swim, the half marathon and this) has been a bit much. I also knew I’d nailed the first run. And I was a bit disappointed in the bike leg, knowing from the lap splits that I’d gone a good 2 km/h or more slower than in 2009.

Now, having had a chance to relax (Madagascar 3 at the cinema with the family), and look at the full results, and download my Polar stats, I’m pretty pleased.

The first run I ran just off the back of the small lead bunch, and I’ve got to be happy with 3:38 /km pace intending to bike and run again!

Both my transitions were good, shame that although Concept Sport finally introduced chip timing, they didn’t separate out T1 and T2. The bike leg was slower than in 2009, but then so was everyone’s, due I suppose to the headwind on the first half of every lap. I got overtaken quite a bit in the first four or five laps, but I wasn’t too surprised given I’d exited T1 in 12th! And most of those had tri bars, many had aero wheels or full on tri/TT bikes and some had pointy hats. Not that I’m saying they didn’t have better engines than mine for sure, of course! 🙂 Anyway, my average of 34.3 km/h actually placed me higher for the bike leg this year than I achieved in 2009 at 36.6 km/h, so not such a disaster.

The beginning of the second run was horrible. Just like last time, I could barely shuffle out of T2. It’s just something about the relentlessness of 8 laps of consistent effort on the bike that kills. I’ve never experienced this to the same extent in any other race. I’ve done a lot more brick sessions this year than previously, but it must be something to keep working on. I’m thinking about revisiting the Dorney Duathlon series when it resumes next February (see calendar).

Kitty and Zac ready at the finish

Luckily I kept it together and didn’t get overtaken except by the fastest lady and one other runner before the first corner. The next 4 km passed at a pained trot. I pushed past one runner as we passed the pit lane for the final time and put enough space between us that I was able to turn round at Campbell corner and limp back to the finish without having to try for a sprint. My legs were cramping up as it was! Average pace, 3:57 /km.

The best thing about the day was that Em and the kids were in the pit lane for the whole race and able to scream and cheer me past 12 times in total. They’ve been the best supporters all year and provided super power over and over again. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Thruxton Mass Attack Duathlon 2012

  1. Good report as usual, looks as though you have done quite a bit of races, a you training hard too?
    Also sounds like you are talking yourself into a TT bike, would be interested to see the split for TT bikes vs no TT bikes, did you have a feel?

    • I’ve done a bit of training this year… I’ve purposefully done many more races than usual to get race day practice, see which events were fun, and get an idea of how frequently I can schedule them without compromising training – and family life. Next season I’ll definitely be a bit more choosy. As for a TT bike, nope, not any time soon. The engine still doesn’t deserve it. But I’m looking forward to the bike fit session I have booked at Athlete Service in Henley and will see whether they offer any kit upgrade advice. (One of the race directors on Sunday was kind enough to tell Em I definitely needed some aero wheels. ;-))

  2. I am thinking of turning my Orbea into a TT bike once I have built my new race bike. I defo think there are some courses out there that would benefit from the sleeker positioning and some of the longer races I want to do next year will have these types of courses.

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