Emsworth-Basingstoke Relay maps on Mapometer.com

It’s the Emsworth-Basingstoke Relay in a couple of weeks time, so I’ve been out with a couple of my team scouting legs I haven’t run before. The  organizers have an Emsworth-Basingstoke maps page listing all the leg start/end postcodes and links to OS maps for running (and driving as well, because getting the rest of the team between the changeover points fast enough is sometimes a skill in itself!) and downloadable GPS track and course (gpx/tcx) files.

But… I like to use Mapometer.com to record routes and find new ones in an area I’m exploring. As well as a Google Maps view, it will show an altitude graph and calculate ascent and descent which is nice.  It’s got decent editing features as well.

So… I’ve added all the legs to Mapometer.com. Some of the start/end points looked a little off to me on the Emsworth-Basingstoke website, so I’ve adjusted those. I’ve also taken the distance and ascent directly from Mapometer.com. (Having run Selborne to East Worldham last week, it’s definitely closer to the 138m ascent listed below than the 230m shown on the official map.)

I still haven’t run all the legs myself, so I may have made a few mistakes, and I’d suggest it’s absolutely vital to read the detailed route descriptions on the official website before recce-ing each leg!

Leg Mapometer.com Distance Ascent
Leg 1 Emsworth to Warblington Church 2.5 km 16 m
Leg 2 Warblington Church to West Leigh 4.6 km 35 m
Leg 3 West Leigh to Rowlands Castle 2.9 km 20 m
Leg 4 Rowlands Castle to Finchdean 2.7 km 49 m
Leg 5 Finchdean to Chalton 3.4 km 91 m
Leg 6 Chalton to Buriton 4.8 km 148 m
Leg 7 Buriton to Petersfield 3.1 km 20 m
Leg 8 Petersfield to Steep 3.5 km 56 m
Leg 9 Steep to Hawkley 4.7 km 215 m
Leg 10 Hawkley to Vann Farm 2.8 km 70 m
Leg 11 Vann Farm to Selborne 4.7 km 123 m
Leg 12 Selborne to East Worldham 6.3 km 138 m
Leg 13 East Worldham to Holybourne 4.1 km 24 m
Leg 14 Holybourne to Shalden 5.1 km 132 m
Leg 15 Shalden to Lasham 2.2 km 39 m
Leg 16 Lasham to Herriard 3.6 km 55 m
Leg 17 Herriard to Ellisfield 4.1 km 53 m
Leg 18 Ellisfield to Cliddesden 5.4 km 54 m
Total 70.6 km 1338 m

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