Not flying at Concorde, but making progress

Racing at Concorde tri today was out of the question, but I am feeling a bit more positive about my chances of doing so in Edmonton. While walking is still uncomfortable, I have swum a good few km this week, and started to add a bit of resistance to the spin bike. I’ve been following the MCL rehab exercises that Ian gave me (similar to these ones) and had a follow-up with his colleague, Joe Allnutt. Joe has added some more dynamic, functional, exercises to the repertoire, to speed up my knee regaining the stability for running. A second round of acupuncture seemed to free things up and reduce the pain for a time. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to ride gently next week, and then it’ll just be a question of how much work I can put down, and how well I can run, for the end of the month.

Fundraising for The Brain Tumour Charity is going quite well, at, thank you, everybody!

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