First workouts after knee op

I’ve been repeating the programme from Tuesday’s physio appointment, and today, as well as the strength and conditioning exercises, I went for a short walk round the block and spent 15 minutes on the turbo, spinning lightly so that I just about broke into a sweat. The knee hasn’t protested; very encouraging.

Hopefully that means I’ll be OK to resume some gentle cycling quite quickly, but the physio did reinforce what the surgeon told me, that I must not subject the knee to any impact for 6-8 weeks, by which they mean absolutely no running. While I was out for my walk, I was thinking about how best to avoid losing my running form, and I remembered an article I’d read about the similarity of the training stimulus provided by steep uphill walking to running, except of course for being very low impact (coincidentally I find that article has been rehashed and republished just yesterday as a running workout of the week, which seems to happen a lot with Matt Fitzgerald’s posts…). Sounds like something to try anyway.

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