A knee’s ups and downs

Today has been quite representative of how frayed my nerves are as I’m gradually increasing the training load this month.

I went for a cheeky half hour swim last night (before tucking into a Friday curry!), which generally felt OK apart from one tumble turn out of 80 where I planted my feet on the wall and twisted too much… It made my knee scream. I was worried at the time but by the end of the swim I thought I’d got away lightly. Later on though, I couldn’t straighten the leg fully, and it didn’t want to take my weight this morning either. Argh!

Then having fretted all morning I went out for a ride and had a really good 90 minutes on the bike in the spring sunshine. Knee joint didn’t complain once, and I’ll take the muscle aches around and about.

The surgeon warned me the rehab wouldn’t be completely smooth!

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