Basingstoke Parkrun # 257

I haven’t done parkrun since last year! The grass section at War Memorial Park has been horribly muddy and I haven’t felt like slogging through it. This week’s been drier and I psyched myself up for one last session for March.

Result: DNF
Date: Saturday 30 March 2013
Format: 5km run (2.5 laps of tarmac, grass, mud)
Event website:
Full results:

So that didn’t go according to plan… I set off just moving with the crowd. First km went by comfortably in 3:32, similar pace as my last parkrun. I tried to push on in the second, which includes the slight up-hill drag. It was blinking cold, and I couldn’t feel my toes or fingers, but I still felt alright within myself. When I got to the 2 km marker, I glanced at my watch again, and saw I’d run a 3:50. And stopped.

I’d been running in 4th place, and I just stopped. Out of character.

Just too tired I think. It’s been a hard block of training in March. I’ll take a break over Easter, eat too much chocolate, and try to bounce back for April. I don’t want any more DNFs!

Let’s hope it warms up soon too…


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