March 2013

I planned March to involve more biking, some focused gym sessions, and dragging myself back to the pool. I suppose two out of three ain’t bad?

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Just one race this month: a 3rd place at Winchester Duathlon. Oh and the last gasp Basingstoke Parkrun where my wheels fell off.

Despite a few other things getting in the way, I managed to maintain the amount of bike and run training from last month. It was a bit frustrating to find myself still doing half my biking and half my running indoors, but then it has been the second coldest March on record. And I managed to bump up the number of resistance and core sessions I’ve been doing in the gym as planned. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to drag myself to the pool all month.

Since my car failed its MOT in a big way, I started cycling or running the 7 km to/from work in the week before Easter, while we think about whether to replace the car. Commuting on the mountain bike isn’t a proper training session, but the run’s a decent workout, and combined with my usual sessions, I was carrying a lot in my legs by the end of the week. Despite that, I had one of my fastest hour rides in training on the Friday. I guess that finished me off though and I won’t dwell on the uncharacteristic DNF at parkrun the next day.

Next month is going to be busy. There’s the final Dorney duathlon of the series next weekend. That’s the last race with no swimming for a bit, as the first mid-week Eastleigh Aquathlon is towards the end of the month, shortly followed by the Box End Aquathlon at the beginning of May. So, for sure, I need to spend some time in the pool, and take advantage of the Eastleigh Lake and the Tri2O Swim Centre at the Reading Lake Hotel opening for the 2013 season during April. Thinking about open water swimming, I must also practice my wetsuit transitions, because they were woeful last year!

I’m also going back to see Filipe Salbany at Athlete Service to tune my bike fit. After all, my first tri of the year isn’t far away now, the All Nations Triathlon on 11 May, so I need to keep up the training on the bike. I’ve done less speed work and fewer high intensity intervals during March, so I’ll try to fix that in April.

All in all, a lot to do!

Finally, here’s the comparison between this month’s training, last month, and last year.

Mar 2013 Feb 2013 Mar 2012
Bike 9:36 9:55 5:43
Run 3:03 3:12 1:53
Swim 0:00 0:40 0:00
Tri/Du/Aquathlon 2:09 1:13 1:02
Gym 5:34 2:49 4:46
Other 0:00 0:00 6:13
Total 20:23 17:51 19:39

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