December 2014

One last race for the year, before the big collapse.

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This post too is being written in January 2015 (see October).

Last year my training in December petered out. This year I decided I’d try to keep it going right up ’til Christmas. Despite dodgy knee, I’m still hankering after a new 5k PB… It was a goal at the end of last year I was sure I’d accomplish early in 2015, but despite the fact that I know I’m in better running shape than I ever have been, I haven’t actually gone out and done it. And since I’ve recently been enjoying running the local trails, I thought I might have another go at a cross-country race too. I decided to skip this year’s Tadley Xmas XC in favour of the Muddy Welly 10k. It was great fun, lovely mixed terrain, I have a nice trophy plaque for 2nd/251 and 38 minutes is actually a 10k PB. It was good to catch up with Oli, Ceri and the rest of the My Sporting Times gang. I’m looking forward to doing several of their events next year, as the Jubilee River Swim, Reading Triathlon and the Muddy Welly have all been highlights of 2014. The Try Tri Events Christmas party was fun too; I had a good natter with Chris, Ben and Yvette. I really enjoyed Eastleigh and HOWSC Triathlons again this year. Their programme of events for 2015 is completely different, but I do hope I can fit some of these in as well.

Unfortunately I ran out of time for the 5k PB before Christmas. I would have had a crack at an end of year parkrun… but I finally got the winter fever/flu bug that’s been going round on Christmas eve and spent the whole of the next week feeling absolutely lousy. Being sick also put paid to my plans to have a Boxing Day swim off the Norfolk coast again as well – though we did go and see the seals at Horsey. (And on the plus side, I didn’t put on any Christmas weight…)

The kids and I did manage some Christmas Strava art. 🙂

End of term Strava Art with the kids

End of term Strava Art with the kids

This 10k run, the day before I got sick, turned out more like a starfish than a Christmas star. 🙂

Five Ways 10k

Five Ways 10k

On the knee front, I’ve been referred to a consultant and should get an appointment in January. Something else to wait and see about…

I guess that’s it for 2014, and it only remains to review the year and start thinking new goals for 2015. Happy Christmas!

Finally, here’s the comparison between this month’s training, last month, and this month last year.

Dec 2014 Nov 2014 Dec 2013
Bike 9:39 15:14 2:27
Run 7:58 9:48 7:37
Swim 0:00 0:00 0:04
Tri/Du/Aquathlon 0:00 0:00 0:00
Gym 0:52 0:00 1:52
Other 1:43 3:00 0:30
Total 20:13 28:02 12:31

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