Knee MRI

Having had a first appointment with Mr. Mike Risebury, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, on Monday, I’ve just come back from an MRI scan to confirm whether I have a meniscus tear. I have a follow-up with Mr. Risebury in a few days time, but I thought it’d be fun to try to read the MRI scan myself!

And as far as I can tell, a tear is quite clear in these pictures. The arrows I’ve drawn show what I think is fluid (white) leaking into a tear in the mensicus (black).

This is a slice through my left knee, looking from the front:

2015-01-MRI-left-knee-from-front-with-arrowAnd this a slice through the same knee, looking from the left:

2015-01-MRI-left-knee-from-left-with-arrowIt’ll be interesting to find out if I’ve read the MRI correctly, and whether we’re then going ahead with an arthoscopic partialĀ meniscectomy.

3 thoughts on “Knee MRI

  1. So looking at the site that you linked to, this looks like a peripheral tear of some sort. Will be interesting to see how much a surgeon can glean from just these two images.

    • These are just two of 200+ image slices, the ones I thought were clearest, but given that the consultant was 90% certain of the tear just from my history and a single x-ray that just showed the medial meniscus was slightly thinner than the lateral one, I think he’ll be happy with these pictures. And of course, if we go ahead, he’ll have video once he gets in there!

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