July 2014

It’s summer! Lots of training! Flights to Canada booked!

Just the one race in July, a win at the Eastleigh aquathlon today, which was a great way to finish the month.

I’ve got a lot of the logistics sorted for the trip to Canada – flights and hotels, specialist triathlon travel insurance, a plan for a bike box (thanks, Try Tri), and have installed new chain and new cassette (thanks, Andy) and serviced my gears (thanks, Andy and Alan).

In case this helps anyone in the future, the travel insurance was a challenge. I wanted a policy with cancellation cover, that would cover my bike and medical expenses if I have an accident on the trip. I thought our family travel insurance might cover me, but no, it explicitly excludes cover for trips whose primary purpose is racing or competitive sport! Not just the activity itself either, but the whole trip is excluded, so that policy is worthless and they weren’t able to offer an upgrade. 🙁 BTF membership includes public liability insurance, but doesn’t cover medical expenses. My private medical insurance is no help with that either. The BTF recommended Cyclosure, from whom I did get a quote. Their insurance covered medical expenses, the bike, everything you might need.The quote seemed quite steep, nearly £100 for the single trip – but only until it became clear I needed to upgrade that from cycling only to triathlon, which then made it over £140! Another insurer who explicitly advertised that they cover trips for triathlon, told me that they would only cover people “taking part”, not “competing”… !?!

I finally went with SportsCover Direct. I spoke to them on the phone to confirm, and they were very helpful. The cover finally worked out just over £100 for the trip but does include everything I wanted.

I’ve managed a good training block this month as well, taking advantage of the sunshine. I’ve got several niggles that of course I’m desperate don’t turn into injuries. I’ve been doing a little more flexibility and stretching work, and had two massages with Jill Penfold, now based at Tranquil Health and Beauty in Stratfield Saye. Hopefully, sore hip flexors, right knee and left heel can all be kept under control for the next few weeks.

Last weekend, Kitty (6¾) completed the Basingstoke Big Wheel 5-miler again, though struggled a bit on her new 8-speed Dawes Academy 24 from Basing Cycles which is perhaps still just a little too big for her, while Isaac (just 5 last month) raced round the whole thing on the single-speed 16″ he’s just inherited. It was an enjoyable way to support St. Michael’s Hospice as a family, and I heard good things about the longer routes too… 18 miles next year?!

In August, I’m planning to race just once more, at Concorde triathlon, before a family holiday/taper and then the trip to Edmonton. Phew.

Finally, here’s the comparison between this month’s training, last month, and this month last year.

Jul 2014 Jun 2014 Jul 2013
Bike 16:51 7:26 14:28
Run 3:30 3:27 3:30
Swim 4:27 3:00 1:26
Tri/Du/Aquathlon 0:31 1:02 0:31
Gym 0:51 0:00 2:37
Other 7:38 4:30 0:00
Total 33:48 19:25 22:32

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