First swim


Both Reading Lake (the Tri2O Swim Centre) and Eastleigh Lake (Try Tri Events) opened for the 2013 season this last week. I twice failed to drag myself down to Eastleigh to begin taking advantage of the month’s free swimming pass that was in the goody bag from Winchester Duathlon, but did make it up to Reading this morning. Having to scrape the ice off my car first thing made me rather apprehensive – but actually the cold air probably made the water feel warmer, and at 12 °C it was really very pleasant. The Reading Lake usually has a 750m course laid out, but they’ve started with a shorter one to keep everyone closer to base for the moment. I managed 9 laps, about 3.6 km, in an hour swim. The water was lovely and clear, and the sun shining throughout. It was quite warm enough to de-wetsuit on the decking afterwards, before driving home for second breakfast! I’m now looking forward to my first aquathlon of the year, Eastleigh Aquathlon Race 1, on Thursday.

Eastleigh Aquathlon Series 2012 Race 4

Entered Eastleigh Aquathlon series race 4 tonight just to ensure I managed one training session this week between camping and Paralympics. Arrived at 18:05 with Em and kids, having driven thru showers and into sun from Bstoke. Got my race number and swim hat, and then after getting numbered on my arm but before my shin… Thunder and lightning…
Race cancelled 🙁
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